AmiWallet (upcoming version)

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--- place holder for the new upcoming version ---
-- hold on! --

Latest Version 1.1, Build 43 (07-Oct-2017)

:star: Amiga OS3.x
:star: Amiga OS3.x + FPU
:star: Amiga OS4.x
:star: AROS i386
:star: Linux x86
:star: Linux x64
:star: Linux PPC
:star: Linux ARM (Odroid & Raspberry)
:star: MacOS PPC
:star: MacOS x86
:star: MacOS x64
:star: MorphOS
:star: WarpOS
:star: Windows x86
:star: Windows x64

Change Log 1.0 >> 1.1
  • NEW : Added About window button from where you can see the application's build number and some informations about the developers team.
    You can also access several resources from this window like online help, support, official website and our Patreon page.
  • NEW : Application available in 3 languages : Italian, German and English.
    The language can be changed in the preferences window.
  • NEW : Added an option in the preferences window to change the interface language.
  • NEW : Small adjustment in the skin colors.
  • NEW : Added a button in the about window to look for updates, if there are available updates you will have the opportunity to go to the download page to get the new version.


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