Projekt Lila - the very first game for the indieGO!

Projekt Lila was our first game made for the indieGO! and Amiga.
We have decided to create it as Amiga game so it works on the indieGO! anyway.

Only 500 CD's have been printed. So if you got one, you will definitely hold a rare collectible in your hand. It is planned to create a series of games. The next one is Projekt Lila DX which will use a new game engine and will also change the game mechanic a little.

The game is available on Ebay and from


  • How do you actually get the CD to load. Doesn't autoboot or seem to load from the desktop!
  • Hi, it is made for Amiga CD32, auto-loading is not active yet .
    You can start it with Force CD32 option on the main menu
  • Yeah, I get the error message
    is write protected"
    When I try that.
  • Ok this seems to be a new bug. I check it tomorrow. Which version of the os is installed ? 1.8.4?
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