Which platform should EmuLa support next?

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Hello all!
As the title says, please select which platform you would like to see supported next by EmuLa :smile:


  • Come on guys! Don't be shy! :smiley:
  • Dreamcast!
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  • Hi @deaddisk ,
    thank you for partecipating!

    I've put that list on the poll because for them I already have the full rom set and I can calculate the CRC so that EmuLa can recognize them, I'm agree with you especially for the PSX games, but I don't have yet the full set :smile:
    MAME is on the bottom of my todo list because detecting them is somewhat more complex than single-file roms, but if there is enough requests I can move it on an upper position :tongue:
  • All of them? B)
    OK, I voted for Amiga.
  • @happymondays : ehehe, one day all of them will be supported :tongue:
  • Should I consider this poll closed? Only 18 votes so far? :smile:
    Come on guys, don't be shy!
  • Voted for Amiga, but would really be interested in everything Amiga (AGA/CD32/32X in both PAL + NTSC), anything Sega (JVC Wondermega/Mega CD/Sega CD/Mega Drive/Genesis/Nomad/Game Gear in both PAL + NTSC) as well as Commodore C64/C128D).
  • @melliecarma one day all of them will be supported, it's al lot of work to make EmuLa recognize all ROMs/Disks/CDs but I'm working on it :smile:
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