Indigego Odroid not stable

Is there any activity over here? Seems to be pretty quiet here...

I was finally able to find some time to play with my system (Indiego Odrois version 1.9.5.) to find out what I can do with it. But now it seems that there is some instability with the system. It is hard to know if it is softwate or hardware problem. Seems that the system freezes for a second or two in about every 25 seconds. So that makes is not really usable.
Another issue has been that the Chronium browser chrashes when trying to load a page and that reboots the whole system. Another software that makes the same is the shoot em up Prototype I was able to play that maybe a minute and less than one on the second try before system reboot. Other games seem to work a bit better but they may have sound disortion / silence that might have something to do with the repeating freezing.

I was able to add a coupple of NES games to the Emula, and configure the PS controller for it (works in menus), but still seems that the controller is not working in the game itself. Any idea what should I try with that.

So how is everyone elses Odroid consoles are they working ok? And any suggestions what should I try to figure out what is wrong. Maybe try to run the update again or something...

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