Upload bug

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I uploaded a file to AmiCloud. At 60% of the upload process i shut down my Amiga (I forgot that there was a file in the upload process) A few hours later i started my Amiga again and the uploaded file was shown with the same size as the original file.
I shared the file and a friend of me downloaded this file, He got a corrupt files.
The point is that when i disturb the upload process that AmiCloud delete the file completly or tried to start the upload again at the point where i stopped it.


  • Hi,
    the normal behaviour should be:
    - you put files on the shared folder
    - the client upload them into the cloud
    - if something happen that does not let the process complete (like a shutdown) the client does not mark the file as uploaded while the server should discard the partial download
    - at the next start client start it should try to upload again the file

    Seems from what you are saying that the server has not discarded the partial file.

    A good improvement could be that the server keep the partial file but does not make it shareable and the client should be able to resume the upload.

    I will ask @Phoenixkonsole if we can add this feature really useful for big files :smile:

    Thank you for the report!
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