Requesting kodi update

Since 1.99 isn't up yet I am asking for an update to kodi if possible. A certain add on that's very popular for streaming now requires krypton and we of course have jarvis. If not possible maybe a tutorial for novices on how to update it ourselves.


  • Hi,
    try "sudo synaptic" or choose synaptic packet manager in the desktop mode from the to menu bar
    This is a graphical packet manager. It has a search field at the top of its windows.
    Type Kodi.
    With luck you will see kodi 17. Click on the check box next to the app title and mark it for instalation.

    After that you can click on the top on "apply changes" This will install it.
    Theoretically it should replace the old one.

    Let me know how it works. Didn't try v17 yet.
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