What are the next steps?

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what are the next steps at EmuLa? When is the next update planned? When is the Amiga support and other systems included? When is the cover pack for downloading avaible?

A nice front-end like "coinops" etc. would be nice (Video Preview from each game...)



  • Hi @deaddisk
    please have a look here for what is included in the next release .
    As you can see from the screenshot downloading game-art packs will be included, there are also some fixes added in these latest days.
    I'm now testing if all is working as it should so in a couple of days the new version will be released.

    About the Amiga support I'll start to work on it just after the release of this version, so stay tuned :tongue:

    About the video playback as game preview while browsing titles, actually there is a similar function already included in the GUI mode, many games can be watched clicking the YouTube button and your browser will open a page on YouTube to show the gameplay of the selected game, maybe in the future I could try to add a little preview window but right now I prefer to add support for all the missing systems.
  • Perfect! :)
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