F12 does not quit Emula

Maybe I am missing something but if I press F1 I get an overlay stating the different options for Emula that I can use, the last one is F12 to exit, but it does nothing at the moment.


  • @MarkB
    Are you talking about EmuLa in fullscreen mode? Can you post a screenshot of the variuos options you get pressing F1?
  • Fullscreen or windowed does not matter, also error while going to desktop mode from Fullscreen
  • Hi @MarkB ,
    the first screenshot is not EmuLa, the second one it is, I'll look at the error and I'll fix it as soon as possible , does it happen when you close the window?
  • @allanon It happens when you switch from fullscreen to windowed mode. The first error is a problem with the emulator then? Do you know where I can configure this emulator?
  • @MarkB
    I will try to reproduce the error on my system to fix it, about the first screenshot can you tell me exactly how do you reach that screen from EmuLa so I can check it out?
  • @allanon
    Press F1 while a game is running (in this case it is a snes game) and the overlayed menu will pop up. Some options are not very clear on how they function but I use the full screen to window mode (alt+enter) to be able to return to EmuLa because the F12 option does not work.

    I am curious of what emulator this is that gives me the menu options as the snes look alike pad that came with my IndieGo does not have mappings and is therefore unusable.
  • edited April 2017
    Now I got it :smile:
    On the odroid EmuLa uses Mednafen multi-emulator for all supported platforms, to be honest I've found something odd too with this emulator.
    I've digged into the documentation to implement some new functions in EmuLa (like the ability to show the configured keys) but seems that the keymapping for the NES is missing from the configuration file.

    You should be able to find the configuration file in this possible locations (in order of priority, but depends on the build):

    - $HOME/mednafen.cfg
    - $HOME/.mednafen/mednafen.cfg
    - $HOME/mednafen-09x.cfg
    - $HOME/.mednafen/mednafen-09x.cfg
    - /etc/mednafen.cfg
    - /etc/mednafen-09x.cfg

    Some useful link
    -> Mednafen documentation
    -> Mednafen NES documentation

    Now I do not have the IndieGO! under my hands so I can't help you further right now :wink:
  • @allanon
    Thanks for the information! I'll tinker with the settings and see what I can fix and or change to make it work ;)

    As a side note I found that sometimes dialogs appear behind the main Emula window in windowed mode (for example if you enter a registration code the window that confirms this is behind the main window and thus invisible. Also a suggestion to put a button on the about window to enter a registration, this would make it a little easier to find perhaps ;)
  • @MarkB
    Thank you for the feedback, I'll check the code to resolve these issues and I'll add the "register" button on the about window :wink:
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