ROMS not being recognised

Is the amount of ROMS being recognised still increasing?
I've tried several ROMS of very famous games (like the Castlevanias and The Legend of Zelda NES or Golden Axe 2 & 3 Megadrive to name a few) that won't be recognised.
I also tried different sources, seems that the ones from work best so far.

Or is there an other way to add these?
Or do you recommend a different source for ROMS?
Or is there a posibility to add a different Emulator to the indieGO?
(I'm not so experienced with Linux)


  • Hi, do you mean EmuLA ? Please use EmulationStation in cases EmuLA don't recognize them. EmulationStation just lists whatever you through to ROMS/NES
    To improve EmuLA compatibility, you could point Fabio to the ROMS sets because Emula checks the CRC32 if it differs on specific ROM files, he would need to know them.
  • Hello @evunen !
    I'm the EmuLa developer, actually EmuLa recognise 7460 NES roms but there could be some specific versions around that still needs to be added to the database.
    You can use an internal EmuLa tool to let me know of missing roms.

    Above the favorite button there is one with a yellow triangle you can push to open the reporting tools.
    Clicking the triangle will open a new window where you can select the third option "REPORT MISSING ROM".
    EmuLa will ask you to pick the missing rom and to type some details, the rom itself will not be transferred, instead the calculate crc will be sent.

    All this reports will be added in the next release :)

    If you need further help just ask!
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