Is there anywhere I can get a list of the default keyboard and joystick controls for fs-uae. I can load a game but can't figure out how to swap disks.


  • Same problems here at the IndieGo version. At PC I can choose discs and swap them.
  • Hi,
    thank you for opening my eyes : )
    I have used fs-uae directly so far.. it doesn't load adf's automatically, so you have to add them in the fs-uae.config manually as written here:

    But!!! I found out that the fs-uae-launcher can handle this from command line and it supports also ZIP files containing the ADF's!!

    So I need to change it to make use of the fs-uae-launcher instead of plain fs-uae
    Tadaa.. it is solved already in my mind but I need time to change it.

    Stay tuned.
  • how to configer controll cant start enny game att all? . just coming to the start meny
  • one hour left for the update.. I have added the SNES pad config for Amiga Emulation in the last minute : )
  • I’m in this mostly for the Amiga. I thought it might be nice to have a system which could be used to configure games which struggle on a real Amiga to run a bit faster. Any other console I can get emulated would be a bonus. I’m not too up to speed on setting up emulation software, and did originally think it might all be configured to work a bit simpler, so am really struggling to get started with games I have added. I have had a couple of games kind of run, one ran in a split window - the right half of the screen was transposed over to the left side of the screen so quite weird and not really much of a success.

    My mini keyboard, when I try to configure it in EmulationStation doesn’t work quite properly - I assign keystrokes, skip the ones I don’t want and often can’t seem to ‘ok’ it all. Also the mini keyboard when just using it in desktop mode often gives me phantom key presses I haven’t made. I can’t get the console to see the playstation type controller. Amiga CDs don’t boot as I thought they might.

    A lot of confusion but maybe if a Youtube video could be done rather than be given a mass of written explanation, that might do the trick. Everything from switching it on and getting the peripherals recognised and succesfully launching adf and other game system files would be great!
  • Yep.. youtube videos will be created asap. With the latest Update you should be able to run Amiga CD's with the force CD32 option. Also I have noticed that FSUAE runs CD32 games at full speed but struggles at A500/A1200 games.. If I create again a custom ISO from those ADF games, they work at full speed...
    Long story short : I am for example working on Jim Power for CD32.
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