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first thank you for this great work.

Few suggestions :
1) Could you add a snapshot option ?
The goal is to have the AmiCloud client opened (by wbstartup) always at the same position

2) Could you add an icon used when iconified ?
Actually, when iconified, it's the standard Hollywood icon that is used.

3) In the GUI, my name appeared as "Logged aszzd10h" without space between "as" and "zzd10h"

4) Could you add a tooltype to start iconified ?

Thank you


  • @zdd10h thank for your feedback :)
    Your suggestions has now on our "next-relese" todo list:

    1. Yes, it's possible
    2. Not sure right now, I have to check it out
    3. Yep, I've seen this little bug and will be fixed
    4. Yes, it's possible

  • Great, thank you !
  • 1. Implemented (available in the next release)
    2. Verified : It is possible but will not be included in the next release since it requires some more tests (platform dependant)
    3. Fixed (available in the next release)
    4. Added a preference to start iconified, AmiCloud will be iconified as soon as the login is completed. Only effective if AutoLogin is enabled.
  • Many thanks
  • Hi, the new update is available : )

    Update time!


    AmiCloud beta 4 is now available!!

    Here is the Changelog including the short one for beta3c

    ::: CHANGELOG (BETA 04 - 10/12/2015)
    - Fixed a problem for files created in january, it was a typo on my date conversions routines.
    - Fixed the missing space before the user name, this bug was visible only with the auto-login enabled.
    - Now it's not possible to open the share window if the user is not yet logged in.
    Also, changing user when the share window is opened it will make it close for data coherence.
    - Auto-Login without first login problem: this bug was showed when
    - The user has not yet logged in at least once
    - Then he sets the Auto-Login ON
    - And finally closes AmiCloud without executing the first login
    At the next run AmiCloud was trying to AutoLogin, but since there wasn't a "last-login" it was crashing.
    Now, if these conditions occurs, AmiCloud will switch OFF the auto-login and will pop an information window.
    - During the upload process AmiCloud will show the upload status with the completed percentual and speed in kilobyte/second
    - During the download process AmiCloud will show the download status with the completed percentual and speed in kilobyte/second
    - Now AmiCloud remember its window's position and at the next run will move to the latest position where it was when closed.
    - Now the AmiCloud preferences window can be resized to allow user to see long synchronized folder's path
    - Added a new preference : Start iconified. If set the client will be iconified as soon as it is started and have completed the login. Only effective when the AutoLogin is enabled.

    ::: CHANGELOG (Beta 03c) :::
    [ Internal Libraries ]
    - Fixed a bug that was causing bad date conversions in December, in some occasion affected application could crash.

    Fabio for President : )
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    Yes, very good, thank you guys to listen to your "customers" (if only all Amiga "company" does the same ;) ) !
  • yes thanks for listen most developer like H.... don`t listen to customers. X(
    Please take my icon for iconification, it looks better than the movie icon
  • @tommysammy
    Next release will get the iconification icon :)
  • There are still some problems with the iconification system gadget, at least on AROS, can you report here if it works on OS4? In this build I forgot to use the @tommysammy icon, I will do in the next release... :wink:
  • Iconification & Iconification at startup work well on OS4
  • Great! Thank you @zzd10h for your feedback!
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