Joypad setting for all Emulators done easy... is in the works : )

Fabio is working on a way to setup consoles via EmuLA for all emulators..


  • Hi :smiley:

    For when is a new update planned? Is there a time frame? Are there already the cover as alternative download available?
  • @deaddisk and all interested ppl
    Here is the current change-log (things already implemented for the next version) :

    Only in "console mode"
    :star: Rom names and descriptions, if longer than the available screen space, will scroll to the left.
    :star: Page indicators are no more of fixed size, they are resized automatically if they does not fit into the current screem width, very useful for large rom collections.

    Generic updates
    :star: When a game is started now EmuLa shows an image with the current controls assignment for the involved emulator. The image will be still visible in EmuLa backgraound even while running your games so that you can peek at it to check controls while playing. (Implementation of this feature is in progress :smirk: )
    :star: From now on the update will not overwrite anymore the icon file on Amiga-like systems to avoid to reset the icon position.
    :star: Now Emula will check the host screen resolution before opening its main window and if it is bigger then the screen size Emula will try to reduce its size to fit to the screen. Lower screen resolution should be supported now. There could be readibility problems for very small screens because of the reduced font size.

    About the external cover/infos source I'm setting up a small server to host all these nice things as a backup but it will require some time, I've mirrored the Gameboy and GameboyColor game art, I need to mirror the additional informations and then I will start to setup the server... I think that this change will come on the next version, but if some of you needs the full art package I may put them online somewhere with a direct link.
    In this version I may add an option to raise the Internet timeout time for when TGDB is overloaded or extremely slow.

    I'd like also to try to fix the crash reported by some users about the Emula crash while scanning very large rom sets... I have to replicate the error to be able to fix it, if some of you have a screen shot with the error dialog this could be a great help for me to speed up the fix!

    Release date? I hope before the end of the year, what I've added for the next version must be tested before the release, on Windows all is working fine :smile:
  • Thanks for the big feedback and a nice 4th ADVENT :smile:
  • Thank you! Have a nice 4th Advent you too :smile:
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