Update 15th of October Version 1.9.1 "SeediGOhome, teamviewing is fun and time to give it a face"



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    Strange phenomenon... cd32 emulation works fast but amiga500 is slow for some demanding games. Take Jim Power title screen.
    The best is in the moment to use a cd32 Amiga games collection to play amiga500 and 1200 games.

    I am working on a fix which will reintroduce the older fs-uae version. This worked better .

    Hallo world!
    Maximilian is finally here :)

    Next update brings also some C64 glory with OpenGL es acceleration for original CRT feeling
  • Hallo Pascal, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu eurem Familien Update! :smiley:
  • Congratulations!
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    Dankeschön / Thank you :smile:
  • These Nintendo switch news not only consist of games but also about the upcoming release date of the new model, controllers, Nintendo switch emulator, etc.
  • The Switch Emulator requires a bit power and so you have only two options:
    1. Choose the AMD Ryzen-upgrade - replacing option for XU4 models (will be announced around summer)
    2. Wait for the next update and stream it over the net.
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