2.0 is around the corner...

Finally.. next week I have a break of 2 weeks from my everyday job, so I can finish the 2.0 release..
I will call it 1.99 first, so the brave ones can report regressions.

Details will follow. it is a huge update. It will also introduce a mining functionality (optional) which allows to generate money while playing. After the 2.0 release it is up to the users to help us enhancing the autoload database by submitting game info to us from the console. Details will follow on that as well.

Next stop is a "moonlight" service. This will allow you to access a Virtual Machine hosted by us running SteamOS. It will a bit like hit and miss at first because there is only a limited number of open slots available yet.
If it works for you (internet connection speed and latency), we can discuss a way to provide you a 24/7 access later.

So what stays... indieGO! becomes the first console which lets you earn money while playing and it will allow you to access a VM (x86 PC with SteamOS).

BTW.. with 1.99(after bugfixes 2.0) you will see moonlight in the main menu as well. Of course if you own a SteamPC already, you can use this instead our servers.


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