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It's a rainy and dark weather in Germany, the best time to play and configure some minutes the IndieGo. I customise the Launcher a little bit, make the version info smaller etc.. Is it possible to make the Launcher menu horizontally? Here are two pics from my launcher.

I can't upload a picture here at this forum in a discussion - Is this normal? Every time it says: File failed to upload. Can you fix it? It's easier to upload here a pic and not use an external pic file hoster - Thanks! :smile:


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    I will contact Fabio who is hosting the forum.
    You could use Amicloud to share the pictures : )

    Back to topic:
    Wow : ) looks awesome

    An update to he launcher is coming but so far it doesn't offer horizontally layout (afaik)

    Again a question for Fabio : )
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    The Amicloud guide : )

    Amicloud creates a landing page if you share binary files.

    But if you share fotos, you get a direct URL which can be embedded here and elsewhere.
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    Hi @deaddisk, I've tried to upload a picture and it worked, maybe you are trying to upload too big files and they are rejected... can you tell me the file size you have tried to upload?
    You can also try to drag and drop the image in the text box of the post you are editing.

    Returning to your question:
    Is it possible to make the Launcher menu horizontally?
    Not in this version, sorry. But I'm really near to a new release with tons of features, and here is the change log so you can have an idea of what's coming up :smile:

    NEW v1.4 (Unreleased)
    :star: Fixed a bug with transitions and png backgrounds with alpha channel.
    :star: Hitting the "t" key (configurable) shows a theme selector, themes can be applied on the fly.
    :star: Fixed a bug in text alignment if there was icons along with the item text
    :star: Fixed variuos deadlock during the fade off animations
    :star: Fixed all old dependancies to obsolete libraries
    :star: Added global config file , here you can configure:
    :star: :star: Entering fx of the screen
    :star: :star: Entering fx of the menus
    :star: :star: Disabling of all item transitions
    :star: Added the ability to show an optional description for every items listed in the menu.
    :star: Added color tags and color configuration support (layout.def), now you can use [n]...[/] [h]...[/] and [w]...[/] tags to use normal, hilighted and warning colors in item caption and item description strings. [b]...[/b] bold, [u]...[/u] under and [i]...[/i] italic styles are supported as well.
    :star: Added optional arrows used to indicate that there are more items in the list than the ones visibles.
    :star: All themes has been adjusted (I'm not a skinner so you are free to fix them to your personal taste).
    :star: New configuration modes to allow easy items arrangements (horizontal and vertical and free displacement).

    Now I only need to make a deep test before the official release because I don't want to break your installations :tongue:

    Many other features are planned :wink:

    Attached you can find a screenshot that shows the arrows indicator and the items description.
    Anyway, if you need clarifications about configuration files, just ask! Your current customization looks really good! :smiley:
  • Hi and thanks fpr the interesting answer and a look to the next Launcher Update. The pictures sizes are ~ 3-5MB and in *.jpg Format. I try to upload it from my handy.
  • Hello!

    I need help to login into AmiCloud. I try the same login data like the baker section. It doesn´t work. Where can i find my passes?
  • Picture Drag and Drop works at the IndieGo! with the built in Web Browser perfect. Maybe it doesnt work with handy.
    2.jpg 924.9K
    5.jpg 1.4M
    1.jpg 390.3K
  • At least it's not a forum-related problem :smiley:

    I've attached a screenshot of a possible horizontal layout, nothing special, just a quick test with my poor skinning skills.

    @deaddisk : your wallpapers are awesome!
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    Thanks, the horizontal layout looks very good! Can you give me a hint how i can make a horizontal menu too?

    How can I remove the grey highlight standard bar?

    The wallpapers are templates only a little bit modified, but hey, it looks really good :smile:
  • For Amicloud I will send you your voucher code tomorrow. Need to create one. You can enter the code into the client. Register with a new name and password you can choose by yourself directly from the client.

    I like your style. Are you using photoshop ?
  • Yes, a friend of me use this for his work, for me it's too expensive. I do this at his laptop :smiley:
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    deaddisk said:

    Thanks, the horizontal layout looks very good! Can you give me a hint how i can make a horizontal menu too?

    Horizontal layout (as well as 'free' layout and many other features) are available in next version :tongue:
    deaddisk said:

    How can I remove the grey highlight standard bar?

    Open the file "layout.def" in "config" drawer and locate the "skin" section, you should see something like the following lines:
          [SST]nstate = NONE
          [SST]hstate = NONE
          [SST]pstate = config/
    Here you can specify a skin file or you can specify "NONE" to show only the item's text without a skin.
    In the example above only a skin for pushed items is specified.
    'nstate' -> Normal state
    'hstate' -> Hilighted state
    'pstate' -> Pushed state

    Let me know if this helped :smile:
  • You've got mail with the AmiCloud key
  • Thanks - will try it tomorrow
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    I found out - the hard way - that changing to some of the themes can crash the default UI (Hollywood). Do not select the oldschool theme, because that will make Hollywood crash.

    You can fix it by copying the default_ok theme (or most likely any other theme containing _ok in the name, I just picked default_ok) files from FSLauncher/FSL/themes/default_ok/config to FSLauncher/FSL/config (including the resources subfolder). Maybe the invalid options should be removed for now, so people less tech savvy can keep a working console?
  • I hope that Pascal will release soon the new update because the Launcher has been improved with a lot of fixes, speed improvements, resolution management and new themes :smile:
    Also themes, in the upcoming version, can be selected and applied hitting the "t" key.
  • Ahh.. around Friday night there will be an update with the new launcher and also teamviewer wich will give the option to help you over the Internet by accessing your console (remote control).
    Also I will include the foldersniffer which will enable autoloading CD-ROMs.
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