Why does the updater.zip download so many times during a single update?

This doesn't make sense to me that it needs to download the update over and over again during the process of a single update routine. Can't you do a check on the version of the update downloaded and use the package if it is current to continue the update with?

This becomes problematic for me where my internet isn't the fastest due to living out in the country, and before Cellular Providers finally provided us with "unlimited" internet (at 3G speeds) it would be a major waste of my broadband useage.

I counted three downloads during the process of the same file. Fully completed downloads too.


  • Hi, the problem is that there may still be some 1.5.x or 1.4.x console around which haven't been updated yet..
    To make it work properly for them it is required to do it that way.

    I will cut the cord for with 2.0 which is 3-4 weeks aways.
    I will provide a manual to update those versions by hand than.
  • Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for that :smile:
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