Dolphin Emulator very slow. [Odroid XU4]

edited December 2016 in ROMS
I tried running it through the Desktop manually, selecting a game manually from my HDD, running the following games:

Zelda Four Swords
Super Mario Sunshine
Mario Kart Double Dash

But they were all very slow, with the most playable being Double Dash.
Can anyone perhaps confirm on these or similar titles on the performance the Odroid XU4 delivers?


  • Hi,
    yes the Dolphin Emulations is "proof of concept", it misses for example multicore support for the DSP emulation which could fix it. An odroid optimized version will be available next year. Pikmin works well at least with the default settings.
    BTW.. you can define per game settings. In game you can expect between 10 and 25fps for now.
    We have to do a back port of the unofficial dolphin 32bit back port for PC.
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