Files with scandinavian letters get renamed in sync

I finally yesterday installed my Windows amicloud client to copy the Tower 57 amiga to the X1000. And then installed the OS4 client on that the game file was synced just fine.

But I happend to have some image files with ä chracters in the filename i nthe sync folder. No error in sync, but then after some time the client gives up a notice that that file was removed from the cloud what should I do.

I wonder what happened but then I loaded the cloud filelist and noticed that the file was there but name was truncated.
Original was "Kotelo_Edestä.JPG" and in the list it says "Kotelo_Edest" so it truncated starting from the ä char.
I tried some other files also but same problem.
Then I tried in on the AmigaOS 4 client and exactly the same result in there.

So just to let you know this hopefully it will be fixed in the upcoming version.
Does it now use just old ascii set or what in the filenames?



  • Hi @webba , thank you for your feedback!
    With the new upcoming version this problem will be fixed because the UTF-8 encoding will be used along with new features like the long awaited subfolders support!
    We are near to a public release, we are fixing some issues on the MacOS version :smile:

    PS: the current AmiCloud version is using the ISO 8859-1 encoding.
  • OK that is good to hear. I also tested the MorphOS version yesterday and it works exactly the same.
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