3DS Emulator

Hello, is it possible to install and running this emu on the IndieGo as experimental?



  • Hmm.. should be I am still packing 5 consoles today and spend a lot with the upcoming update but I can "add" one too.

    ... meanwhile I had a look..
    I've stumbled upon Citra https://www.citra-emu.org/page/download

    It is open source... this is great.
    It focuses on PC right now which is bad..
    But I still need to check if there has been done an OpenGL ES version so far.. if yes it is possible to have an "experimental" build. If not it will require work.. The only dev capable to do something was planned to work on Dolphin.

    I need to check the source in a free minute.
  • NDS is also a best 3ds emulator for android which is available in free and paid versions on google playstore. This emulator app is also having lots of features, like you can play all types of DS games, supports the maximum type of Android OS.
  • This would be a nice addition indeed.
  • Well.. we could just swap the microsSD with an Android based one. I have canned the Dualboot for now because Android will kill the boot loader from time to time, so the console will be forced to run Android.
  • I run Android 7.1.2 on my XU4 via Lineage OS on a large, fast Micro SD card. It's a real treat for anything but development.
  • Nice, need to check it out
  • There's a trick to the installation on micro sd: install Android KitKat first, then upgrade with the ODroid updater app. The link is on the ODroid forums for the update.
  • Thank you @SamuraiCrow for the trick, I've tried some time ago but I failed :smile:
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