The state of IndieGo! today?



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    The Comments section of the Kickstarter page is active and Pascal posts there, but it seems there are still some consoles waiting to get shipped and updates will most probably only come afterwards.
  • Yes is still alive :smile:
    I'm goin' to ask Pascal to publish a status report
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    yep it is alive but I am in my personal hell : ) a little bit overwhelmed by everything.. babies are demanding...
    Next week I will get help "a coworker" for a few hours a day.

    Fabio is working on AmiCloud 2.0 and here is where you could help.
    AmiCLoud 2.0 will allow to sync subfolders, so you could manage the ROM folder including all subfolders on a PC or Mac and it will be synced on the console.

    We are looking for a Mac OS X user at best with OS X 10.12 because this is causing a bit trouble on my side, while Fabio has no problem... Could be because I am using a beta security update for OS X.

    What I am working now is a reload of everything plus phase 2 of the project:
    Providing enough Nvidia based systems for cloud gaming
    + I am already checking the Hardware upgrade path from XU4... as you may know I plan to upgrade it for free one time. I am aiming at the the ODROID N1 which would also bring full speed Wii and PS2 support because it is 64bit instead of 32Bit.... alternatively I have an eye on AMD...
    don't expect this upgrade option before christmas 2018.

    indieGO! OS 2.0 is still on hold but I will provide this weekend a small update which adds finally doom 3 support (looks great) and one full game plus some failure corrections.

    The last things where I lost myself in was trying to get Netflix to work..

    btw... the ARES shop is available under instead of de
    It still misses a lot of products due to lack of time.
    If my new co-worker is good, we will reboot the project with a "collection" of kept back updates... so the density of news will be high.

    Also I would like to arrange a small retro meeting in our new location in Germany with a barbecue.

    *Meanwhile people ported regular RetroPi to the XU4.. I will have a look and check if they do something better than we.. : )
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