RetroPie has been ported to Odroid XU4!!!

Odroid Retro Arena has released a port of RetroPie, and it works amazingly!!!
Check it out here,


  • Let's hope Pascal comes out with 2.0 soon and beats this. :)
  • Beat it? Why not include it?
  • @dannyboyswe
    Have you tried it? How it performes?
  • Well, including it would be nice, but if it is included, Retropie's already beaten as IndieGO offers much more than this, although this part is certainly not that elaborate ATM. :)
  • @allanon
    I've tried a few games, and besides a few graphical glitches on a PSP game (Harvest Moon Boy & Girl), it has worked great so far. Since I am already pretty used to RetroPie, it is awesome to finally be able to use it on the XU4 without having to go through a very long and tedious installation process.
  • @happymondays
    I've said it on multiple occasions, I bought IndieGo! mainly to play my physical PS1 games and bluray discs, and it does neither very good. Pascal keeps promising, and promising to fix the problem with physical PS1 discs, but still nothing. The last update was said to fix the PS1 issue so that it ran all discs almost perfectly, but it only made the issue even worse. Now some games that I could get to run earlier won't start at all.
    I know Pascal is a busy guy, and has a family to care for, so I'm willing to wait for as long as necessiary.
    But until then I'm going to use the RetroPie port since it's something I am familiar with and frankly works a lot better than what IndieGo offers at the moment, in my opinion.
  • That's right, IndieGO is far from being complete and sort of plug'n'play ATM.
  • I've been on the ODroid Retro Arena (ORA) group on Facebook for a few weeks now. The main way that it works is by using OpenGL ES 2 support in whatever emulators it has, thus not all emulators work. Any binary-only emulators for the RasPi that depend on OpenGL support via Mesa won't work well yet because the OpenGL support on the XU4 is software only framebuffer support.
  • We haven't stoped in the background : ) I've followed also the Facebook group and whenever they do something new or better, I can include it too.
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