How to add more entries to the indieGO main menu


the main menu application is called FSLauncher and you can find it in:
/home/odroid/FSLauncher/FSL (pi users replace "odroid" with "pi" while reading : ) )

FS stands for Full-Screen

The entries can be managed in the text file menu.def by double clicking it in desktop mode.

The problem is that when I apply an update it would overwrite all your changes to the default menu definitions. So don't manipulate the existing menus.

I will add a "custom or user-menu" where you can add own entries. which will point to "usermenu.def" in /home/odroid/FSLauncher/FSL

As reference for the usermenu.def you can check the default "menu.def" file.
See the menu.def which includes some "submenu" definitions (Example: Kickstarter Goodies). One of the submenus will be called "usermenu.def".

So you can copy and paste the file "menu.def" in the folder /home/odroid/FSLauncher/FSL
Than rename it to "usermenu.def" and add whatever you like to in it with the text-editor.

This would be "update proof" : )

If you like to have something added to the other "existing default menus" just tell us your wish and the next update may include it.


  • FSLauncher is developed by me, if you need more details while adding new entries just ask.
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