Additions and requests for the official manual

So far we have on the official short manual for the console
The idea is to add new parts based on how-to's created in this forum.
Fee free to ask things and we will try to answer asap. Based on this we will update the manual step by step.


  • I don't have the console yet, but I would like to know about what I should do if I want to start Amiga HD installed games (like WHDload or any other game, simply installed to HD) simply copied as folders to the HDD or SD card inserted. Will I be able to start them right away from the Desktop somehow? Will I be able to actually install Amiga games from ADF files or will I need to create a HDF first? I am not really familiar with the Amiga emulation (or any other) capabilities of AEROS or whether it can nativerly run some Amiga software.
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    The best way is to place them in ROMS/AMIGA/HDD(name as you like). The console comes with 3.x ROM but not the Workbench and AROS as replacement is not perfect yet..
    So first answer:
    You can just use a folder as virtual hard drive for the virtual Amiga.

    I will add an Workbench option for you in the next update and before you get your console.

    It will use ROMS/AMIGA/SYSTEM as Harddrive for the Amiga.
    You can move your workbench installation with all WHDLOAD stuff there.
    If you choose Workbench option from the menu it will just boot from there.

    Alternatively you can make use of an WHDLOADER like Xbench

    I need to contact the author about including it out of the box because it would be exactly what you are looking for.. Throw you WHLOAD files in one folder and get the listed automatically.

    Hmm.. I could also provide an script which download XBENCH on request for the user in case the Author doesn't like to have it included out of the box.
  • Nice, thanks.
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