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I'd like to help out

I sent Pascal a PM over on aros-exec, saying that I'd like to help out. Short version: Taught myself BASIC on a PET in 9th grade, all time favorite computer was my C64, never owned an Amiga, and I've never written code for an Amiga. But that's about to change. ;)

Still, it may be a while before I could help much with coding. But I could help with documentation and testing, to start. I also have several suggestions that I would like to see in AmiCloud / AppStore. You guys may say "great idea!" or you may say "nah". It won't matter to me, as long as you've had the chance to consider my ideas. ;)

So on that note, could a new category be created in the Development area for IndieGo! Applications?



  • Well, the C64 was a great machine and it's still amazing what it can do looking at the demo scene, I still have an 1200 with a 030 accelerator (don't remember exactly which model right now) but I rarely use it because for development purposes it's way much faster to use WinUAE :smile:

    Pascal ( @Phoenixkonsole ) will answer your questions, for the IndieGO! application he is the boss :)

    About the new category here it is!
  • Thanks! I'll post something tonight with my ideas about how I may be able to contribute. I'd also like to share my ideas about enhancements to get feedback whether the team would be interested in any of those features.

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