AROS68k bugs or 68k in general?

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@Fabio and myself (trying this on AROS68k ... you can grab my system backup below 56MB in size)
AmiCloud doesn't work. It opens but as soon the ACM starts, the AmiCloud main gui freezes... no ctrl+c is working

You can find AmiCloud under SYS:Extras

If I open the DLM from the App Store stand alone, i can minimize it.
If I launch the App Store client and logIN, the DLM launches as usually but than it disappears (no iconification, maybe just a crash)

I am now uploading a new 68k App Store archive containing the latest client (really the newest) and i have reduced the default window sizes a bit to reduce the CPU-hunger.

Here you can grab my mini Broadway68k

Just as playground for bug-hunting and it is meant to be used for Broadway i386 and JanusUAE.


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