New version is coming! v2.0 on the way :)

New version is coming! :smiley:


  • Here is the change log so far:
    CHANGELOG v1.1 -> v2.0
    - Game version information was added to the language selection screen
    - Changed the way the bonus time is added to the player score
    - Reduced game size because of many backgraound changed from png to jpg format
    - The top bar informations are rendered using a bitmap font instead of standard
      font to achieve more speed and a better appearence
    - During a game, in the pause mode, the quit button states that quitting the game
      the current score will be saved to the hiscores (if qualified for the hiscore).
    - Many game backgrounds has been changed to achieve a better experience and a 
      better apperance.
    - Memory optimization freeing unneded resources.
    - Almost all transitions has been changed to have more animation choices.
    - Exposed many parameters in external text file to customize and hack the game.
    - Added a particle system to the mouse click in the main menu
    - Fixed a wrong behaviour in the collision routines between the mouse pointer and
      the menu items.
    - Changed how the game matrix is rendered at the level start
    - Fixed some graphics glitches
    - Using the configuration files the player is able to change variuos settings
      including music volume and fullscreen/windowed mode.
    - The game has been prepared to the next version which will include tons of new
      features like global (online) charts, live updates, achievements and new play
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