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Nested folders and shared links

edited March 2016 in AmiCloud
Hi mates.
I wonder when we'll have nested folders support in AmiCloud and when the auto-rename file when download from a shared link to have the same name as the source one.

The program looks fantastic by the way, thanks!


  • Hello tolkien,
    we are working on nested folders support and the shared-link right names, we need to finish to release the reamining supported platform builds first.
    I have found a wrong behaviour on the MacOSX version and I'm currently trying to figure out what is happening.
    To answer to your question I cannot say when, but I can say as soon as possible :)

    Thank you for using AmiCloud!
    Which version are you using?
  • Hell guys, the following 3 steps are in progress and will be rolled asap in this order... (you can say 1 week per steps which includes testing)
    1. The landing page of Shared files will become a preview field. In case somebody share a image file, you will see the content there. Also if you do a right click on this image you can get the "direct" url of the image to embed it in Forums. (Something i am using quite often and the only reason to use dropbox imho).

    This should be ready next week

    2. Public URL's Filenames to match real filenames... Maybe also this week. If not then the next one
    3. The Subfolder support (this is the heaviest step from the 3 which included work for the server programmer and Fabio)

    As soon as possible : )

    Fabio will also work on the indieGO!-client and testing ->giving feedback about the https Hollywood-Plugin..
    This will impact all our tools.
  • How far are we now from working subfolder management?
  • Not far :smile:
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