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Why Uploading files

I have a doubt. Why AmiCloud upload files to the server everytime I run it the first time even if I have no changed a file? Is there a way to can check if files are the same and not have to upload all everytime? Thanks for it! I use a lot to share between Win<>MorphOS!


  • Hi @tolkien
    this is a bad behaviour because AmiCloud check local file dates with server file dates and should upload only if the ones on local storage are newer/updated/newer indexed.
    Have you updated to the latest version?

    Let me know, if your client is updated I will tell you how to produce a logfile so I can have a look at it.

    Thank you for reporting :smile:
  • Yes allanon. I have the latest one.
  • @tolkien please follow these steps to enable debug output:
    - Open the folder where AmiCloud is
    - Open AppData
    - Open the file debug_acm.txt and change [SBL]debug = 0 to [SBL]debug = 1, this will enable the debug output.
    - Do the same for the file debug_amicloud.txt
    - On both files ensure that the flag [SBL]console is set to 0, this will enable the file log instead of showing the log in the console window.

    Now when you start AmiCloud it should generate two log files in the AmiCloud folder named:
    - debugacm_file.txt
    - debug_file.txt

    Reproduce theproblem and submit these files to since it may contain sensible data.

    I will be back with informations as soon as possible :smile:
  • Murphy's law acts again. Now I can't replicate It . But I know how to enable the debug log if It happends again. Sorry mate.
  • @tolkien
    No problem, let me know if you have troubles!
  • I used AmiCloud for the first time this morning. Here's that I'm seeing. I don't have time at the moment to enable the logging, but I will this evening and see if the behavior repeats:

    1. Installed Mac OS X client.
    2. Copied something to my shared Mac folder, which AmiCloud then uploaded.
    3. Installed AROS client.
    4. AmiCloud almost immediately started downloading my file. Yay!
    5. Switched back to my Mac for amount an hour doing various stuff.
    6. Switched back to AROS and noticed that AmiCloud is uploading the same file that it downloaded earlier. But I did not touch the file at all. So it shouldn't need to be re-uploaded to AmiCloud.

  • And 20 minutes later, AmiCloud on AROS was downloading the same file again. Note that I had stopped AmiCloud on my MacBook right after the file finished uploading initially, so I don't know if the Mac (Intel) client has the same defect.
  • Hi @JonRobertson, some time ago I've tried keeping synchronized Linux (under VirtualBox), AROS (under VMWare), Windows and MacOS X (Intel) without problems.
    It could be very useful for me if you could enable the file logging and you could send it to me at:

    On MacOS X you have to enable the log in the both the AmiCloud and ACManager app bundles.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  • I will, but it may be a couple of days. I've gotten behind on a few things recently... :smiley:
  • No problem!
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