Reported problems

edited January 2016 in Beta testing
:star: Enabled communication with the server for serial & subscription check
ALL THE ABOVE AVAILABLE IN VERSION 13, Please update EmuLa pushing [update] button

:warning: Add a "ReFetch Game Art" so that it is possible to scan again already recognized roms to download or refresh available game art and additional informations about the game (Pascal).

:star: If during the scan the Internet line drops or the game art & additional informations server is down (, for each rom EmuLa will notify you about an Internet problem: add an option "Cancel Scan" and "Scan without Internet" (Pascal & Gabriele)
FIXED in version 14

:star: If, after a network error, the user cancel the network operation the rom will result with a blank name: fix this problem using the right rom name instead of blank spaces. (Fabio & Gabriele)
FIXED in version 14
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