Asking for an update.

We haven't heard a word about a new update since allanon announced amicloud was ready on June 12.  Phoenixconsole said he hoped for an update around 2 weeks after that was ready.  We're now approaching the end of July. So what is the current plan on an update release and what can we expect?

on a side note. When will work begin on expanding the indiego's emulation capabilities. The system is a blast and I understand there are big plans, but the large list of emulated systems really was the selling point of the kickstarter. I doubt I'm alone in wondering when work really begins on that part of the system.  


  • It's about to be integrated into an all-in-one app called Transcendence.  I think the website is if you want more information.
  • Thanks for the info, but I think some official news update (also in the form of emails) would be nice from Pascal, because with no info people might think this is just another project dead before even being completed and the community might actually fade away before anything significant happens.
  • I am actually updating indieGO!-OS in order to integrate the Blockchain project. Everyone will get 1000 Telos for free.
    Check MNO for daily revenue (possibility).

    Staking with the local wallet is possible to. 

    Whatever there are much more updates included. Odroid centric SDL for example fixes a lot. Than AmiCloud 2.0 with subfolder support finally allows to manage ROMS over 2 or more computers :) ... Should be ready with testing within the next 50hours. 
  • Retroarch will be updated too. 
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