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Under OS4, AMICloud client uses a lot of CPU making the whole OS laggy.
Is something could be done to reduce this behaviour ?
Thank you


  • Hi @zzd10h ,
    sure, I can make it more CPU friendly, IIRC we have talked somewhere here int forum about this issue that seems to happen on single core platforms. The laggy situations should be when the client starts the synchronization process.
    In the next version I will add some control points to spot the exact point where I have to change my code, I will do this check platform-dependant because seems that on multicore systems this behaviour does not exists.
  • "IIRC we have talked somewhere here"
    Yes, yes, I remember, it was just to be sure that it's not forgot ;)

    As the polling is frequent, I can't keep AmiCloud client opened. I use it relatively often but because of the lagging, I have to open/close it each time. And even when I force the synchronisation to upload a file, my system is unresponsive. TommySammy or Walkero, on your OS4 systems, do you encounter this problem ?
  • Same here, it needs 100%CPU power at startup and during synchronisation
  • Thank you, Thomas, for the confirmation
  • Thank you for 1.0 beta5, monocore & interval polling seems to work very fine !
  • Great! Thank you for the feedback!!
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