WHDLoad on AEROS Premium


I copied my WHDLoad collection (the one I use on my real Amiga) to the AEROS folder and tried to install the latest version of WHDLoad from within AEROS Premium, but the Installer 43.3 produced different kinds of errors, so I simply copied the contents of the LZX archive I downloaded from whdload.de to the corresponding drawers (C and S), I renamed my kickstart roms and copied them to Devs: Kickstarts drawer.
Now, when I try to start a game with its icon, I always get the error message 'object not found'. What did I do wrong and what should I do to run my WHDLoad games?


  • Hi AEROS is AROS for ARM. WHDLoad is an 68k binary. It won't work that way.
    You need to create a Workbench environment using FS-UAE or UAE4ARM or an AROS68k environment. (I can add the later one to the next update).
    So you can run AROS68k for use with WHDLOAD.

    Afaik FS-UAE supports WHDLOAD ZIP FILES directly. If you place such a ZIP into the Amiga folder, you should be able to run it from Emulationstation
  • OK, clear, so AROS is not running in emulation here, but it is native ARM. OK, I get it now, thanks for clearing this up. So, is there a way to run 68k apps within ARM AROS somehow? I read about JanusUAE once, but I guess that was for x86 AROS.
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