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Since today i get everytime this message when i want start AmiCloud
AmiCloud doesn`t work now


  • @tommysammy
    AmiCloud needs that the sqlite plugin is in the same folder of the main executable, have you moved the program to another folder?
    If this is not the case can you check if in the executable folder there is the sqlite3.hwp plugin file?
  • I moved nothing and sqlite3.hwp is inside AmiCloud folder.
    I have no idea what`s wrong here
  • mmm... can you try to replace sqlite3.hwp with the one in the downloaded archive?
    Can you give me more details on your system?
    I also have some few questions for you:
    - It was working before this error
    - Any strange things happened (brute force shutdown)
  • I downloaded sqlite3.hwp and copied into the AmiCloud folder.
    That doesn`t solve it.
    My system is AmigaOs4.1Fe X1000
    It was working the last year, since this year i have the problem. Maybe a 2016 problem?
    There was nothing happened(brute force shutdown)
  • Here on Windows it's working fine, I don't now how to reproduce the error... In the next days I will share a simple test program for you to try to find out what's happening on your system.
  • Thanks i will wait for it
  • Sorry for the late!

    Please download the linked zip archive, uncompress somewhere on your system and run the test_OS4 program.
    It's a simple program that requires the sqlite3.hwp plugin, if there are problems it will crash, if there are no problems it will prompt you to hit ENTER to quit the program.

    Please let me know what's happen.

    Click to get the Test Program
  • here is the answer of this test#
    Look at the screenshot
  • @tommysammy

    Ok. seems an Hollywood related problem, please hold on :)
  • Hi @tommysammy
    I'm in touch with Andreas Falkenhahn, the Hollywood author, he have tested the sample program on his machine without problems so he needs to know if you are running the official OS4.1 FE with some beta components, he has also requested a SnoopDOS log so he can track down what is going wrong.
    You can post it here or send me an e-mail at fabio{dot}falcucci{a.t.}gmail[dot]com.
  • Ok i will do it. I am running Os4.1Fe with latest betas . I will go back to an early betatestsystem .i had no problems last year until 30.12.2015. It is possible that it is an Os4.1 beta bug.
  • Hehe i found the bug. It have nothing to do with AmiCloud. AmiCloud works now
    I will create a bugreport at bugzilla
  • That's great news for me, I was worried what could have caused that behaviour :smiley:
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