Update 1th of November Version 1.9.3 "Commodore"

More details and impression will follow tomorrow

+C64 compile option in SETTINGS MENU -> this installs C64 support based on official VICE sources
1. You will find a special build of VICE for Odroid in the FRONTEND SUBMENU
-alt+D toggles Fullscreen
-alt+8 allows to change floppies
2. Also you will find after compilation C64 support in Retroarch and a C64 Folder in /ROMS where you can place d64, t64 or better .zip files
The retrorch/emulationstaiton C64 emulator has a OSD which can be controlled with a joypad
You can see this OSD here:

This allows to manage your indiecoins (This comes in preparation for the background mining option)

+NEW Game : Prototype (a R-TYPE clone)

New OpenGL wrapper with atonal shader support opening the door to more game ports


  • Prototype is missing due to changed server naming! Will fix it in the coming days and add another game.
    Also I will add a WHDLOAD folder under ROMS which will than accessible from EmulationStation.

    Well and i will activate Autoloading CD-ROMS (for now only a few) but the service will be running next time.
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    Whoops wrong post
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