Update 8th of October 2017 - Version 1.8.8 "Mi Amiga, su Amiga"

In case you are below Version 1.8.7 please run manually the following before running the update function. Else you could stay stuck at a Kernel update screen where you need to click "OK" but you can't. In that case don't panic. Please attach a mouse and use the reboot option on the top task bar.
If you can't see it, close the front end with the "Desktop mode" option or ctrl+c on a keyboard (if you have one).

Only for pre- 1.8.7 user required:
Please open a terminal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
This will install the latest kernel.
Since 1.8.7 the script has been changed to work without user interaction, so the OK- freeze bug can't happen again.

Update 1.8.8 is a small preparation (small = big in filessize but not much visible at first) for the next update.

- Amiga emulation should work again
- AmigaCD 32 emulation is improved and should reach close to 100% compatibility now
-- You can now save per game configs (if you rerun the game, you will be asked if you like to create a new config or use the last one)
-- Exiting FS-UAE is possible by pressing Start button (this will show up the FS-UAE interface
-- Amiga Emulation now supports ZIP files. Just put a ZIP counting multiple ADF's to /home/odroid/ROMS/Amiga or AMIGA1200 or AMIGACD32

- Fixed AEROS launch -> AEROS is now Fulscreen again, which was broken in the last update

- Projekt Lila CD32 Remastered edition
- In Settings you will find now 2 options to copy ROMS to an HDD.
-ATTENTION!! Please use the correct option matching you HDD label (sda or sdb)
Else the script will copy all ROMS onto the SD-CARD which may run full!

This being said please use the "expand filesystem" option in Settings to make use of the entire 64GB of the card.
Run the Script -> Reboot -> and then Run it again to finish the resizing process.
- DOSBOX has been added to the FRONTEND Section:
Launch it and you will end in good old DOS C: command line.
Try DIR and find some preinstalled DOS games to play with
I will include a GUI for DOS next time

Libretto cores, Linux core

This is not 2.0 nor 1.9.9 .. Both include heavy changes I need to test to prevent an Update disaster : )
Next target is coming weekend.

If you use another Joypad and like to help with a FS-UAE or for another Emulator, please send your custom config files in. I would honour it with a 5er.


  • Hello Pascal, nice to hear news from you and the IndieGo!
  • Hi, still a little behind the scenes : )
  • Hi Pascal, I finally updated to this version but still having problems with FS-UAE and CD32 emulation. Both are slow and laggy. And for some reason now CD32 emulation always wants to load the preloaded disc if I insert a new one click on Force CD32. Please tell me how to load games directly from CD32.
  • Hi, did you remove the updatearc.zip from home/odrodoid before doing the update ?
  • Direct loading from cdrom isn’t supported by fs-uae yet.
  • Hi, Yes, I did remove it. Then it was still slow, so I did the update again (first I removed it again), but nothing got better, unfortunately. Regarding FS-UAE, I mean games from ADF files are slow and laggy. Well, if there is no other way, I still have my real Amiga and PS to play them until the next update comes, so I am not worried.
  • edited October 2017
    how do i now if my hdd is sda or sdb?
  • With the teamviewer in the next update i could check what is wrong on your end. Perhaps one of the Linux updates blocked something
  • @Andreas
    You can check it in gparted.
    Desktop mode -> top task bar -> administration or system
    There should be gparted.
    If you chose the drive it will show you if it is sdb or sda.
  • need pasword to enter gparted
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