Security issue (odroid)

I just got my console this week and started toying with it yesterday. I first did some basic security checks (professional habit, being a devops), and found out that on the odroid system I received SSH is turned on by default (why?), and root access is allowed with a default password. That is not ok, especially if customers would connect their console directly to the Internet (though some ISPs block access to port 22 from outside their network). The same goes for the default password, ideally this should be set by the user during the first boot of the system.


  • Well.. this is a default behaviour from before the news about "raspberry" and "pi" .. nobody thought about this before. The image is from "before" .
    I will change it next time. At least I disable root access and ssh by default. I know some with moan about it, the other way around..
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