How to Install Windows(™) games using PlayOnLinux

All we need is to launch PlayOnLinux and a Installer-EXE .. For many games you will find preconfigured Installer scripts listed alphabetically. If not, just install from own source as shown in the video.

PlayOnLinux will create a desktop short cut to the installed game. You need to do a right click and edit the "command" by adding "eaxagear -- " before the original Icon-command.
This will force to execute the command in the x86 exagear environment.

Did you know that Starcraft 1 can now be downloaded for free ?


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    Exagear will be updated to 2.1 with the upcoming indieGO 1.99 update . It will improve performance and includes Wine 2.0 for better Windows compatibility
  • One note:
    Only 2D rendering is supported by know. 3D Support (up to DirectX 7) will follow with the next update. Also DOSBOX will support 3DFX emulation.
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