The state of IndieGo! today?

Hi guys!

I've had my IndieGo! since november/december 2016, but I haven't really used it during the past almost 6 months.
I'm in the process of pluging it back in, but I'll have to connect the Odroid XU4 back inside of the case, as I have been using it separately.
How would you, the end-user, describe the state of IndieoGo! today?
I was a bit disappointed when I got mine, as I thought of it as an alternative to consoles like the Retron5, but for disc-based systems, but it never really delivered on that promise, at least not in the beginning.
Running games from original discs (Playstation in my case) only meant problems for me, most of them never even started and the ones I actually got to work were choppy as hell, even to the point of being unplayable.
The only Amiga CD32-game I own has never been able to start, and I reported this problem to Pascal early on.

There seems to have been quite a few updates during 2017, and my hope is that most of the problems should be solved by now.
I'm not interested in playing roms. I bought this as an all-in-one solution to play my original disc-based games, otherwise I would've stuck to my Raspberry Pi 3.


  • I would say it's really a mixed bag. As far as using actual disks, the functionality is not really there yet. Also Emulation for psp, gamecube/wii, and saturn really need updating and fine tuning along with others I'm not thinking of. What is there is emulation for several systems through emulationstation and EmuLa , although arguably those can be done with a retroPi system. Also KODI is great when you discover what you can do with it. Along with some other installed games, there is stuff to play with, but I think some of what many want is still to come. How soon is a matter of when the systems creators can get to it. If I understand correctly Pascal is still shipping systems and only he knows how many he has to go. There was screenshots of a new upcoming update on facebook not long ago so maybe something soon. Perhaps we could get an update here from Pascal if he gets time.
  • Yes, booting discs still need quite some work, but I am sure Pascal will start working on that when he's finished with shipping (according to his Kickstarter post, there were fifty-something to go a couple of days ago).
  • Hello :)

    Interesting question
  • @happymondays and @deaddisk
    Hi, I'm the developer of the tool used to recognizes the cd and runs the needed emulator, the application works and also the server part (used for updates and for the games database) is working, we have tested it some time ago and it works just fine :smile:
    The only missing thing is the we need to populate the game database and to find the optimal configuration for the IndieGo!
    Let's wait until Pascal finishes to deliver the consoles and then we will finally start to have some fun with the IndieGo! :smiley:

  • This only makes me furious!
    I bought IndieGo! mainly to play PS1-games from disc, which it was promised to be able to do, and it can't.
    Then Seedi comes along, is waaaay cheaper, and with the much weaker OrangePi, and does it flawlessly.

    How is this possible!!?
    What are these guys doing that you and your team aren't able to fix on the IndieGo?
    I've been complaining about this issue since day one, and I've always been met with "rip the game from the disc" or "wait until it has been fixed".
    I don't want to rip the game, I bought it to play games from the disc.

  • I also hope this will be solved soon by the 2.0 update, although I have not tried the 1.88 yet (released last week), which is supposed to solve the CD32 problems.
  • If you choose the force psx option (not the one which writes "fast") it will also load a PSX game from disc. Give me a few days. The difference is that I am still sending and can't use the time to fix the software.
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    Also you may need "original roms" as they have them inside..
    Which means.. what you see in the video can't be the final "out of the box" version . And if you need to add stuff by hand, you can just do the same on the indieGO.

    The indieGO comes with roms replacements which may not 100% compatible. The last update fixed it for CD32. Which should be now close to 100%.

    For PSX you need a PSX bios to reach max compatibility. The Force PSX which is not marked as "fast" runs it straight from cd. Not fast means if a game has CDAUDIO it may just slow down - this is a physical problem because PC-drives don't work as the original continuously spinning PSX drive. This can be got around by disabling CDAudion in the emulator settings. If the game doesn't use CD-AUDIO everything is fine.

    One of the last updates introduced a "VirtualCD drive" to mount Sega Saturn CDROM images in order to enable AudioCD playback for ISOs...
    The problem is that the virtual disc drive becomes sometimes "no1".
    So you may need to open the drive and closed it again to make the physical the new no1..
    So the playback of physical disk works again.

    Whatever.. we haven't still rolled out the autorecognition.
    Also moonlight access isn't enabled yet. If you internet connection is fast enough you will be able to play everything a mid-end gaming PC can handle.
    It is just a bit waiting time until I have time. :smile: )
    At the weekend I will roll out Teamviewer so i can access, if you wish, you console and setup some stuff accordingly.
  • TEXT

    I am using PSX Bios, and I know what I'm doing. I'm not new at this.
    PS1-games are not playable in my opinion. They stutter and lag as fuck.
    Is it the blu-ray drive in my IndieGo that has trouble reading CD's?
    Maybe I should replace it with a regular DVD drive instead.

    This is too much hassle in my opinion, and I got mad to see that their prototype works perfect out of the box, and my much more expensive and more powerful IndieGo does not.

    I don't have the time to update my IndieGo right now, but hopefully during the weekend so that I can test it out to see if I notice any change.
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    I decided to update it now anyways, or at least I tried.
    I have updated it 4 times (which took 3 hours all together), and I'm still stuck at 1.8.7.
  • ok... when excaclty did he inserta CD? I cant see it in the video. If you run the roms from "Libretto" = Retroarch = EMualtionsStation they run fine too.

    They write that they release it as opensource.. hey.. just install it.

    I will check the PSX behaviour at the weekend. Perhaps it is just broaken as like FS-UAE was due to GPU driver changes.

    About the update.. Perhaps the server is down ? Will check later.
  • Argh..
    can you please open /home/odroid and delete "" ?
    I have accidentally removed the line which deletes this package..

    now the update is downloaded as "" or "" and so on...
    If you find those, please delete them as well.

    Than please try the update again.

    My fault! I can't fix the script today.. will do tomorrow evening.
    So after this update you need to delete this file again.

  • I have fixed now:
    Emulator was looking for cd in sr0 but it is now sr1
    I have patched the emulator to use the latest OpenGL wrapper
    I have changed franeskipping from auto to 1. auto seems buggy

    This is from a cdrom and without original rom which would improve it further
  • I plan to release this on Friday together with teamviewer and some other improvements
  • Argh..
    can you please open /home/odroid and delete "" ?
    I have accidentally removed the line which deletes this package..

    now the update is downloaded as "" or "" and so on...
    If you find those, please delete them as well.

    Than please try the update again.

    My fault! I can't fix the script today.. will do tomorrow evening.
    So after this update you need to delete this file again.

    That explains it!
    No problem! It's great that you were able to locate the source of the problem.

    I will try this tomorrow as well.
    Sorry for being a dick regarding games from CD, I just got so frustrated.
    I know that you've got enough on your plate at the moment now that you and your girlfriend (wife?) are expecting a child.
    Sorry for stressing you, I know that you are doing what you can! :)
  • I plan to release this on Friday together with teamviewer and some other improvements

    Excellent! :D
    It looks way more playable than before!!! Thank you again!
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    Try psp Emu or dreamcast on the orange pi ...
    There is a reason for the Price : )
    Also the case costs much more than the plastic bubbles. It will become handy in 2 years when we put in an amd based mini itx board.
    The idea is to be flexible and able to replace the boards with others.. time will tell where we go next.

    Whatever .. the hardware is capable. We just need to update the software.
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    :) yeah kid is underway.. a few days we had some difficulties and my wife had to stay in hospital (moments of fear). Now it is growing fine again. Only a matter of days (maybe hours )
    If you complain, I can fix : ) since I can’t use it in the moment by myself I rely on feedback. I have also a long list by another backer but he likes to email me instead of using the forum.

    Software will be in focus now. With the improved software we can than think about a more powerful base in the future. Could be a 64Bit capable arm board a just an good old mini itx x86 board. We will see.
  • Good job, Pascal, thanks.
  • To be fair, Pascal, I didn't buy IndieGo to play Dreamcast or PSP, I use the original hardware for that.
    I bought IndieGo to play my PS1-games and watch my blu-ray movies.
    PS1-games have never worked to my satisfaction, but hopefully that won't be a problem anymore, which makes me excited again.
    Blu-rays however is a different story. It does play some blu-rays, but far from all. My newer blu-rays won't play at all. So that is another big disappointment.
    So for me, personally, IndieGo has been an expensive semi-failure, and it stings even more when I see the prototype for a product like Seedi, which does what IndieGo promised, but does it right out of the box.
    At the same time, almost a year after I got my IndieGo, it still struggles to deliver on the promises that drew ME to it. So I really hope you can understand my frustration.
    But as I said, I am excited again because the PS1 problem is getting solved, finally! :)
  • Again.. sedl shows a Splash screen and you can’t see how long it was shown before the game starts. It could just do a image and than play it from sd-card.
  • Well the indiego did it too but due to many third party Linux / driver updates I didn’t cope up with the changes. I now need to redo a little.
  • Ok he says it plays it direct from the disk : )
  • I’ve noticed they use the same cable as I do for connecting the sata dvd-rw. In the first produced consoles with bd-rw it was a different one.
  • This is the indiego xs which comes without multicard reader and is just in size as a dvd rw plus a usb hub. This is the low cost variant.
    But this is only arm based. With the case we used for the original indiego we will be free to use any size up to mini-itx. One free board swap is coming for Kickstarter Backers .which means I take the odroid and you get the successor board for free. That’s the plan for next year and this time the production is handled externally so I can concentrate on software and games.

    So the expensive felling will vanish : )
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    Also you can earn 87€ per year by mining ; )
    So the console pays itself in 2.5 years

    (Not really because you need electricity, but doing it while playing makes sense)
  • I'm still on board with IndieGo, I just felt the need to explain why I was so frustrated.

    I updated to 1.8.8 earlier today following your instructions, and my only Amiga 32 game that was not able to start before now works perfect! :)

    I'll probably update to 1.8.9 tomorrow and try some PS1 games :D
  • Great : )
    Trust me this will be the elite club of retro gaming .. just need some polishing
  • Are there any news on the 2.0 update?
  • Hi,

    Does the project still live?
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