Update 8th of June 2017 - Version 1.8.7 "Expansion"


this update fixes the HDD script and the "Filesystem expansion option" in settings.
This setting will expand the filesystem to use the entire 64GB of the SD-CARD.

Please re-run it in Settings after reboot. (or just follow and read the on screen advices)

Update will now run in a larger better readable Terminal window so you can read errors if they occur.

Attention!!!!!! In the moment there is a Kernel Update on air. It may get stuck in an info-message which you need to accept with ok. Sometimes you can't click ok... Don't worry , don't panic, AND: DON'T SHUTT OFF THE CONSOLE : )
Else it won't reboot again.
If you think it got stuck and doesn't move after 10-15 minutes, please attach a mouse and close the terminal window.
Than use the reboot function of the console to reboot and try again. It seems that the update conflicts with the xterm - terminal used before.


  • Please wait!!! Not yet uploaded!
  • Please wait until if give green light.. would like to fix the kernel update
  • Is safe now!
  • I am curios if this was the last "problem" caused by an "external" package.. I hope I have now covered all possible interactions : )

    What I have done now is to cover all update (hopefully all) which will be released by the Debian Linux programmers in an non-interactive auto choosing way. So it can't get stuck because of missing user interaction anymore. (cross your fingers that they don't invent new ways )
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