Update 18th of May - Version 1.8.6 "hoteli fixeli dooo" or just a hot-fix

due to a external issue the access to the linux update was broken and stays broken until you update to 1.8.6

apt-get linux update mechanism will work when you run the update a 2nd time. So after the reboot, please run the update again.

Added key mapping for FS-UAE (select button should open the FS-UAE menu where you can quit the emulator.

This update is smaller (65MB vs 260MB from the last one). The reason is that AEROS can now be updated from the settings menu. If you don't care about it, you also don't need to download it all over again.

You will also find FS-UAE-Launcher in the settings menu. This is the official GUI for FS-UAE where you can for example create a key mapping for your joypad. You can't launch the emulation from this GUI, it is just included for configuration purposes.


  • Remark:
    this shouldn't happen again.. slowly we come to a state which will be failsafe ..
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