Configuring an Xbox One controller with IndieGo/USB hub?

I'm aware that the IndieGo has a bluetooth manager and got a bluetooth dongle recently. Thought about maybe configuring A PS3 controller, since it appears to have a setting for that (which I got to and got my controller reset, but couldn't plug in my keyboard due to lack of USB ports), but ideally I'd like an Xbox One controller to work with it since it actually has the ABXY as opposed to the shapes that Sony controllers have.

I got to the Bluetooth manager in the desktop mode, but it crashes upon bootup, something about not finding a Bluez program or the adapter.

Another question, would a USB hub work with the IndieGo? I imagine something like that must be compatible, due to needing a USB mouse, keyboard, and the bluetooth dongle, then a USB cable to pair a controller/a USB controller.


  • Hi, the bluetooth manager doesn't work if the PS3 Bluetooth driver is running.
    Please ensure to be on Version 1.8.4, else the settings in the indieGO menu will not work.
    Than go to settings and disable PS3 bluetooth.
    After a reboot, normal BT will be active. Perhaps it is still required to unplug the dongle and plug it again into the console, while running. Wait a few seconds for auto configuration/recognition (this will happen silently).

    USB-Hubs will work. Please use a self powered hub, else it could result in interruptions because the USB-ports may not deliver enough mili amps for all devices.

    I need to check xbox one setup. I know the 360 is working..

    Ok I have learned the following:
    it is required to install xpad (not sure if it is installed already, need to check)
    Some people had to update the controller firmware on Windows first with the latest version. (interesting that the controller has a firmware)
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