Screen resolution settings

Hi all,
just received my IndieGO and quickly recognized that my TV which is a Samsung UE55F8090SL doesn't show a proper picture.
When Emulationstation is started the screen gets black for half a second...that hapoens every 5 seconds...
Also the screens shows a 4:3 picture and some small part of the left screen is truncated. So question is: where can I adjust the video settings? And what are the recommended best settings?

Thank you all and best regards,


  • Hi,
    as discussed via email:
    Check if your TV has a PC-Mode (best) or Game-mode (second best).

    The flickering every 5 seconds is strange.

    Things to consider:
    HDMI cable tightly connected ?
    HDMI cable faulty?

    You console has an HDD which draws power, so you need to plug the black cable on the rear as well to the USB-charger to offload the Odroid XU4. It could be that it is a power problem.

    Last thing:
    Odroid XU4 is defective. (strange is that it happens only with emulation station but this could be by heating up something so the failure my just occur when it is warm)
    If the first ones doesn't solve it, it is very likely a hardware fault. In that case I will replace it.

    I just answer here (besides the email) to help others if they run into the same issues.
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