Update 6th of May 2017 - Version 1.8.4 "Eject"

This update fixes the software "eject" which ejects the disks
It also includes fixed starters for all emulators
Also new builds of: PSP and Dreamcast emulator
It adds a new game to the "installed Game menu" called M.A.R.S

Fixed settings menu (basically all options were broken in the last update due to changed user privileges)
Added in settings a "fix ROM permissions" option in case you copied ROMS with unix privileges to the console, it could be that they were write-protections.. if you have problems to save inside a game, this can fix it without messing with the terminal.

Also in case any package was broken during update, it should start reinstalling it automatically.. Couldn't test this yet.

Fabio released a new Update for EmuLA here:

Please use EmuLA's own update function to get it up to date.

The main update can be fetched by using the "online update function" in the main menu of the indieGO

I hope this update will solve all reported issues so far introduced by the last changes.

Password if requested is:


  • :) big Update - thanks!
  • Anxiously waiting to finally get my hands on the IndieGO
  • eject still dont work
  • when i start the indigo it says i have version 1.8.4 but when i go to custum meny.it say v1.5.9
    do all have it that way?
  • and m.a.r.s dont start
  • The custom menu was introduced for users who wan't to create a won menu. You can edit the files in an Text-Editor.

    m.a.r.s should start.
    I assume the update didn't work well and parts have not been installed correctly.

    Cam you open a terminal and type:
    sudo apt-get update

    password is odroid ?
    Does it give an error?

    I fear that those who started with 1.5.9 or earlier may run into a problem updating the kernel.
    You would be the second one.

    If it doesn't throw an error

    rerun the online update. Should work than.
  • I have uploaded a small update to 1.8.6 (please run it again after the first reboot, because it repairs the linux server access)
  • did the sudo apt-get update.and updated whit latest patch. M.A.R.S sems to work now .
    eject and indiGo store still dosent work dosent work . IndiGo store whant to to downlad some update but frez e
  • Does the CDROM open of you press the physical button on the drive? Does eject options works after that?
    There is a new tool inclooded which mounts iso for Sega Saturn so you get CD-audio from them. It works like a virtual drive. Perhaps it is interfering with the physical drive and "eject" in the menu tries to eject the virtual disc and not the phyical one in your case.

    About the indieGO store:
    It doesn't do a self update..

    When you open it, it should ask you to login or to register.
    If you didn't register yet, you need to click on the red button on the button right and choose a username and password as you like. After that you can login using them.

    Then a main screen should come up.
    In this screen you can choose to add codes, add vouchers or Browse the App Store.

    When does it crash? When you click on "Browse Appstore" ?

    I will add a "remove temporary files" option in the next update, which deletes also the content of the /tmp folder of the App Store. Perhaps something was broken during downloaded and the App Store crashes now when it tries to load it.
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