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Internal Hard Drive

I ordered Odroid XU4 recently with SD card.

I am interested in upgrading to add an internal hard drive.

If I order a 1TB drive upgrade from you - does it have all of the software (currently on the SD card) installed when it ships from you to me?

E.g., if the software is pre-installed - all I need to do is remove the current SD card and install the 1TB internal drive and it should just work and boot correctly. Is that right?



  • I can send you a sd -card preconfigured together with the harddisk if you send me your sd-card back afterwards. Else you need to edit the fstab to match the unique uuid of the harddisk. I didn't got the camera cable yet, else I can do a video.. takes only 1-2 minutes if you know how. Should arrive tomorrow (I hope).
  • I think that sending the SD card (micro SD card in back) would be easiest. So I can in fact just order a drive from the store without any problems?
  • Yep, and it seems you did already :smile:
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