Locked folders in ROMS directory

I was trying to add cps3 roms to the appropriate folder and I kept getting an error. The system says I do not have permission to access the folder. Upon further investigation I found that the folder as well as all the other new folders since the last update have a lock on them and belong to root. How can I change this to allow myself to move roms to the folders? Or is this something not yet ready and will be unlocked in a future update?


  • As a workaround you could try to open the folders you need to put your roms as root
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    Lol. Sorry I'm not proficient with linux. How do I do that? Is it possible through the graphic interface?
  • Guess I should have a little more faith. I figured it out with a little tinkering.
  • Ok a new problem arises after logging in as root and adding the roms to folders that are locked under the odroid account. (What can I say. I'm great at creating new problems.) Emulationstation crashes at the start up screen no matter how you load it. I tried rebooting and retrying the update feature just to be sure they wouldn't fix the problem. I have found that if I go to retroarch from the desktop I can play games still from unlocked folders. My theory is that emulationstation is crashing because it is trying to load lists of roms from the locked folders and gets blocked because there is no permission to do so. Is there a way I can unlock the folders or will it have to be done with an update?
  • Hmm... why are they locked at all?
    You can unlock them as follows:
    Open a terminal. Icon ont he desktop
    chmod -R 777 /home/odroid/ROMS

    This will fix it for all subfolders and files.
    Let me know if it fixes also the emulationstation problem.

  • That worked and yes emulationstation works again.
  • Strange that you had this problem, I have been following the updates carefully and on my system the folders were not locked. But thankfully you've got it working as CPS3 (and 1 and 2) have some awesome games ;)
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