Update 5th of April 2017 - Version 1.7.9a "When others mess up your setup"

A new update is available which fixes:
FS-UAE performance (we have now full FS-UAE based on WinUAE 3.x) -> still room for optimizations
basically everything which was messed up by the mainline Linux guys... (security concerns removed the ability to run every command without password)
Force CD32
Force PSX


Updated Kernel and headers to 3.10.105+ (with mali r14p0 support and black screen fix)
Kernel now supports fstrim (increases livetime and speed of SD/eMMC)
Should have support for more SD cards

Exchanges XBMC with Kodi 16.1 although XBMC has less issues, Kodi has the better support
Added DVD support to Kodi, previous versions didn't work due to driver issues.
Added support for new emulators and Rom Collections

Updated Debian Jessie to it's latest version
Updated Chromium to version 53 (new packages available via apt-get)
Updated Retroarch to version 1.3.6 (with OpenGL ES 3.x support)
Updated GPU drives to r14p0
Updated Kodi starter scripts
Updated retroarch-cores-good and retroarch-cores-bad packages, which are now only meta-packages
Updated all libretro cores which are now separated packages (see new features)
Updated configuration for Emulationstation
Updated configuration for attract mode
Updated configuration for Rom Collection Browser
Updated all launchers
Replaced chromium-browser-odroid package build from Ubuntu sources with "chromium" build from Debian sources
Replaced clementine with clementine-odroid (Clementine version 1.3.1)
Replaced fmsx core with bluemsx core in retroarch for better joystick support
Replaced meteor (GBA) core with mgba core in retroarch for better compatibility and performance
Replaced fs-uae-gles with fs-uae (see new features)
Replaced virtualjaguar libretro core with optimized standalone emulator (see new features)
Replaced yabause libretro core with optimized standalone emulator (see new features)
Replaced hatari libretro core with standalone emulator (see new features)
Installed libnfs8 to connect to NFS shares via Kodi
Installed virtualjaguar-odroid (ATARI Jaguar Emulator)
Installed residualvm-odroid (interpreter for Monkey Island 4, Grim Fandango and Mysth 3)
Installed easyrpg-player-odroid (interpreter for RPGMaker 2000 and 2003 games)
Installed kodi-addons-odroid (for PVR Addons, ScreenSafer and other Addons)
Installed mpv and set it as default player for videos
Installed dolphin-emu-odroid (Nintendo Wii/GC Emulator)
Installed hatari-odroid (Atari ST Emulator)
Installed moonlight-embedded (NVIDIA GameStreaming)
Installed atari800-odroid (Atari 8bit computers and A5200 console Emulator)
Installed gcdemu and it's dependencies (Virtual CD emulator), required for Sega Saturn
Added support for Amiga 1200 (see new features)
Added support for Amiga CD32 (see new features)
Added support for CPS3 ROMS (see new features)
Added support for EasyRPG (see new features)
Added support for ResidualVM games (see new features)
Added support for Atrai800 (see new features)
Added support for moonlight (see new features)
Added a new launcher for Amiga CD32 games
Added a new launcher for Amiga 1200 games
Added a new launcher for CPS 3 ROMS
Added a new launcher for EasyRPG player
Added a new launcher for ResidualVM
Added a new launcher for Dolphin Emu
Added a new launcher for Atari 800
Added a script for fstrim which is done daily if supported
Iceweasel was replaced with FireFox (due to Debian policies)
Kodi toggle with CTRL + ALT + K (see new features)

Config Changes:
Added new config files for fs-uae (optimized)
Updated all starter scripts to match new cores path as well as some other optimizations
Updated DreamCast starter to auto detect joysticks
Re-enabled threadded video for all retroarch cores (improves performance)
Changed config for desmume core to use right analog stick to emulate mouse pointer
Activated "rumble" support for mupen64plus core
Configured caja to not open new media or ask what to do if a CD-ROM or USB stick is inserted

Added CPS3 support:
Similar to the CPS1 and CPS2 there's now a separate core for the CPS3 as well. It's very small since there are only a few games for it and therefor saves a lot of ressources.
CPS3 games, don't seem to need any BIOS, but are very picky with the roms itself:
Check your rom files; if they contain for example files like: jojo-simm1.0 jojo-simm1.1 sfiii-simm1.0 sfiii-simm1.1 then they are fine. If instead they contain files like 10, 30 40, 90 etc. then these roms won't work.
You could still place the same ROMS in the FBA or MAME folder and they probably run as well, but the cores are much bigger and use more ressources (~300KB CPS3 libretro core vs ~130MB MAME libretro core).

Added EasyRPG support:
EasyRPG is a reimplementation of RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003 engine allowing to play these games on modern system including ODROIDs.
For this to work copy the games you want to play in the folder /home//ROMS/EasyRPG/
Games should have a "Game-Folder" inside which is the RPG_RT.ini and other game files.
ONLY RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games are currently supported.
Please Note: Some games require RTP 2000 and RTP 2003 package to be installed: http://tkool.jp/support/download/rpg2000/rtp and http://tkool.jp/support/download/rpg2003/rtp
These packages are for "free" but are not allowed to redistribute, so I can't include them into the image.
You can download them and install them on a Windows PC or use WINE to install them on a Linux PC. Copy the RTP folder over to /home//ROMS/EasyRPG/RTP2000 and /home//ROMS/EasyRPG/RTP2003 if needed. The path is already included in the starter, so make sure you name the folders correctly.

Added ResidualVM support:
I've added a build of ResidualVM which was optimized by @ptitSeb to use OpenGL ES 2.0 for hardware scaling and drawing.
ResidualVM is a engine similar to ScummVM but only supports some 3D games.
The games that are officially supported are: Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island (Monkey Island 4) and Myst 3 Exile.


  • I ran the update twice to be sure, but found a couple of issues. FS-UAE is incredibly slow now. Even pulling up the interface with F12 lags significantly. Retroarch is still coming up as version 1.3.0 and when trying to load cores the program can't find any. Also XBMC seems to be the same as before. Are we supposed to be seeing the program renamed as KODI?
  • Same here.
  • iam geting a worning telling me if i update the system it will be impossebel to bot the system agen and that it issent inoff to have a imegefil.shode a update enyway?
  • Thanks for the warnings - I wait for the next fixes and updates
  • A new update is coming in some minutes... should solve a lot..
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