Tried to start PS game apocalypse from CD

Hi I tried to play Apocalypse from my Original Cd and have the following problems:

No music: I assume that the music tracks are as Audio Tracks on the CD as well. Is it possible to run the game directly from CD?

The speed always crashes down when enemies are on the screen.

I could not use the right stick. Apocalypse uses left stick for move right to shoot. Could someone help me?



  • I've only the iso of the game so I can not try it, but I've some games on their original discs like Final Fantasy VII... I'll try it and report back if it works.
  • The should be 2 force PSX options.
    One will load it from CD (can run slower) and the other creates an img temporary
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    Add Street Fighter Alpha 2 to this as well. Ran from Cd. Very slow and no music. Also I tried booting up Crusader: No Remorse from CD too, and it wouldn't load at all.

    Just a note. I noticed loading from the force psx option that the program is PCSX reArmed, but if an from desktop the only programs I could find was PCSX and retroarch. Going that route PCSX was still slow and had no music, but the sound were good and the graphics looked fine. Couldn't run in fullscreen though. That caused wierd screen wrapping issues. If I tried retroarch it had music but but the graphics had issues and were still on the slow side.
  • There are multiple emulators included, PCSX has no HW acceleration. Retroarch core is a bit slower, but you can try to edit its settings (f1) .. adding frame skip. PCSX rearmed is a custom compile and the fastest way.

    You have two options to force PSX.
    One just reads the game from the disc on the fly
    one wich rips the game to the PSX folder in /home/odroid/ROMS
    The later takes longer to load but it works best because I/O slow downs (caused by the drive and how the Game data is stored on the disc as well as the fact that the drive occasionally spins down -> this was not intended by PSX games) doesn't happen.

    I can replace the PSX emulator in EmulationStation with my custom PCSX rearmed, so if you run ROMS you get the faster emulator instead of the slower RetroArch core.
  • I think that would be great.
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