Atari Jaguar no sound and to slow


I have no sound when I start Temepest and the speed is to slow. The speed is a bit better when I start it from the desktop, but not at full speed. If I compare it directly with my Jaguar it is to slow to really have fun with Tempest (Odroid XU 4 Indiego)


  • Hi,
    it could be due to the last update.. it messed up a little of my hard work : )
  • I will check and update it.
  • Just tested 1.8.0 and I have no sound, speed is a bit better when I start from desktop, but does not mtach 100% jaguar
  • It depends on some games as well.. but you can also edit the settings from the emulator to do dynamic recompiling for Audio.. this speeds up a lot. The problem about VirtualJaguar is whenever it gets an update, it comes with a built in setting.. There is no external file which holds my config so from time to time you need to enable Frameskipping and the DSP audio tweaks by hand.
  • There are also multiple cores.
    The one in Emulation Station or RetroArch is slower than the one in the Front-End menu.
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