New EmuLa build is coming!

Hello all!
The new EmuLa build is really near, I just want to ask you something about game art download.
In the next build EmuLa will have a custom server to download game art since TheGamesDB is often overloaded, slow and sometimes offline, I need to know how is the best way to resolve this problem from an user point of view.

Please spend a couple of seconds to answer the poll, there are only two options to chose from :smile:


  • I'll wait the end of the week before closing this poll and implement the chosen feature.

    Here is what's coming to next version:
    :star: Game Art
    - Good News: EmuLa will store game art using a better model to avoid duplicates and save a lot of storage space
    - Bad News: Because of this new model you will need to clear the old game art and download it again using the refetch function or downloading a game-art pack.
    :star: ROM informations are now cached, this will make the scan much faster if you have several version of the same rom.
    :star: Sometimes, closing Emula in console mode, an error was raised saving the current preferences. Fixed.
    :star: In console mode, rom names and descriptions, if longer than the available screen space, will scroll to the left.
    :star: In console mode page indicators are no more of fixed size, they are resized automatically if they does not fit into the current screem width.
    :star: When a game is started now EmuLa will show an image with the current controls assignment for the involved emulator. The image will be still visible in EmuLa backgraound even while running your games so that you can peek at it to check controls while playing.
    :star: From now on the update process will not overwrite anymore the icon file on Amiga-like systems to avoid to reset the icon position.
    :star: Now Emula will check host screen resolution before opening its main window and if it is bigger than the screen size Emula will try to reduce its size to fit to the screen. Lower screen resolution should be supported now. There could be readibility problems for very small screens.
  • Poll closed

    EmuLa should download art only for the titles I own! (Using its own server as a TGDB fallback).
    EmuLa should provide a way to download an entire art package of a specific platform.
    EmuLa will provide full game-art packs for each single supported platform, it will be available in the upcoming release :smile:
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