Request : Button to force/refresh synchronisation

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maybe that I missed it but does it exist :
1) a button to force synchronisation before auto-polling ?

2) an option to modify the polling interval ?
On my X1000/OS4 FE, when polling interval is reached, my systems hangs very shortly. It should be an OS4 bug (still reported on Hyperion forum always...) but it you could do an option to specify polling interval and/or the ability to disable auto-polling, it could be useful.

Thank you by advance


  • @zzd10h
    Actually the polling interval has been set to 30 seconds IIRC, when we will reach a stable release candidate I could put it in the preferences if @phoenixkonsole is agree :)
    When the synchronization is started the client send a request to the server and check the files into the local synchronized folder, if you have hundreds of files that could be the cause of the slowdown
  • Thank you, I don't have a lot of files but a slow internet connection.
  • Strange because during Internet operations the CPU should be free to do its own tasks, so even on a slow Internet connection (like mine) things should run smoothly.
    Anyway if you will have this problem also on the next releases I can build a special version for you to try to identify exactly the cause of this behaviour.
  • This problem is an Amiganoid one.. Other platforms have multicore support.. so AmiCloud can't take the CPU time for 100% there.. On AmigaOS it will take 100% when it is checking local files vs server data...

    is it possible in hollywood to reduce the "percentage of CPU use?" like in AHI where you can set "skip when cpu load is higher than 70%"... So the work will take longer but it will not suck the complete CPU?
    Maybe we should send this request to Andreas (maintainer of Hollywood).
  • hmm... on the other hand.. everyone wants to use 100% of power : )
    Maybe we could include a option to get a "requester" instead of automatic sync.. so if time has come to do a sync.. AmiCloud could ask if it should start to do so or wait for the user giving the ok. Likes apps which asks frequently to "save your work"... This should not be default.. because it is really only a amiganoid problem and with coming multicore support in ARIX and maybe OS4 it will be gone anyway.
  • Hi,
    Or an OS4-FE bug...

    See here :

    I will try under 4.1.6 tomorrow.
  • @phoenixkonsole @zzd10h
    If I'm able to understand exactly in which code loop the system hangs I can insert something to reduce CPU usage only for OSes where the problem exists.
    Anyway I will wait for further investigations :)
  • It happens on AROS i386 as well.. every 30seconds.
    So for me it is a core-solo AmigaOS, AROS and MOS Problem. You can check it on IcAROS... Launch AmiCloud and Launch Quake... quake will freeze every 30seconds when AmiCloud does a check.
  • OR try Broadway ; )
  • Ok, I will check
  • "It happens on AROS i386 as well.. every 30seconds. "
    For once, it's not a OS4 only problem :)

    So, I will not try under 4.1.6 except if you want.
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    1) a button to force synchronisation before auto-polling ?
    You can stop and resume the synchronization and AmiCloud will resync immediatly
    2) an option to modify the polling interval ?
    Not the upcoming release but in the next one, too much stuff in the upcoming Beta 04 :)

    Freeze problem:
    I will investigate and try to fix it
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